Stonefly for Nintendo Switch – A Unique Video Game


The game of Stonefly was created to bring to life the sights, sounds and smells of a real-life tropical rain forest. The gorgeous island you start out on as a new character is a perfect place for you to get to know real life green-thumbed creatures such as butterflies, frogs, mangoes, toucans and iguanas. As you explore your little starting habitat, you will discover the secrets of this amazing real-world location. Stonefly is a fun, relaxing, real-life simulation game where you will get to know real creatures right alongside your avatar. You’ll find yourself seeking out new friends to play with, going on treasure hunts to search for lost artifacts and much more.

Stonefly is a charming, light-hearted, escape-the-cave action-adventure title that will appeal to both children and adults. If you enjoy playing cool puzzle games, then you will love Stonefly. The storyline revolves around a group of young stoneflies who crash landed on an unchartered island. There, they encounter a whole pack of dangerous bugs, and only one female stonefly has the strength and skill to stand up to all the danger! Her father, a powerful insect hunter, teaches her the basics of bug destruction, which she uses to protect the island from threats.

Upon reaching maturity, she returns to take on another exciting adventure, but this time, she must prove herself in a combat arena against the evil captain of the royal guards. Your task will be to save the Stoneflies and your insect friends from several waves of robotic bugs. The combat system is fairly straightforward and includes both A.I. or artificial intelligence, and real-time 3D modeling. When you are ready to fight, you just need to choose the right weapon, and then jump into the cockpit of your Stonefly. A special ability will enable you to quickly escape from the battlefields, so practice the moves with an ally or two. You can even purchase additional abilities as you progress through the game.

If you enjoy strategy games, you will appreciate the unique combat and exploration formula that Stonefly adopts. While you’re uncovering the hidden caves and battling the bugs, you’ll have to consider the map and overall layout of the stage. You’ll have to carefully consider where you want to put the weak points of your Stonefly, so that you can maximize your damage and survivability. The game also includes several difficulty settings, including beginner, intermediate and expert, for those people who feel that mastering the campaign is too tough.

In addition to the exciting game play, the visuals of Stonefly are truly spectacular. The beautifully illustrated cartoon style is complimented by excellent sound effects and great visual details. For example, the Stonefly’s cockpit is equipped with several interactive panoramic views, and you will occasionally notice some cool animations. The level of detail can really help you immerse yourself in the game’s story-line and world

Due to the incredible quality of its design, the game play of Stonefly is quite challenging as well. The goal of the game isn’t just to wipe out as many enemies as possible, but rather to collect all the treasures you can find along the way. As you battle the ever increasing number of bugs and become a true master of the Stonefly, you’ll notice that the difficulty level ramps up rather quickly. This fits the overall theme of the story, which takes place in an alternate future after Earth has been devastated by a massive disaster.

In addition to the incredible level of detail, the music and voice over work on Stonefly is also top notch. The great voice work helps to give the game a realistic feeling, as it imitates the sounds of real-life combat. Some of the combat sequences are quite thrilling, especially when you take into account how realistic some of the weaponry sounds. With all the added polish that the game has acquired over its two years of development, it’s safe to say that the visual presentation of the game has definitely improved.

Although the majority of the game is played using the d-pad, certain keys are used for specific actions. The bottom screen is also used for inventory, which is very helpful. Due to the immense amount of detail put into the visuals, the controls of the Stonefly are not only effective but are completely intuitive. If you enjoy playing action video games, then you will love Stonefly. It’s one of the few Switch console games that feel like they have aged well, and that there are plenty of game modes and challenges to keep players of all ages entertained.

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