Age Of Empire Review

AD2460 is a new WMMORPG (wireless Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) sci-fi strategy game. Set in a near future, the game centers around a corporate war for the valuable resources of space. Players assume the role of a trader, a combat specialist, and an engineer who must use their knowledge and experience to compete with other corporations and win the resource battle. A single player game can be quite challenging for those who have no prior experience in this genre, but the tools and skills provided to make it easy to jump right into the action and start making money. Even for those who have extensive sci-fi background, the controls and combat mechanics are simple enough to hook you into the game.

Like many sci-fi browser-based games, the key to playing AD2460 is to first understand the goal of the game. Players must construct their spaceworthy ships and engage in space battles. Once these battles are over, players may move their units to any other part of the galaxy and do it again. In this sense, playing this game is much like playing strategy games like Space Invaders or Risk.

During the course of play, players earn credits which are used to purchase upgrades for their ships. Once a player has sufficient credits, he or she can build more advanced units. New units come with special abilities that allow them to deal out more damage or to target specific types of creatures, plants, or even other players or ground forces. If you’re playing against another human player, chances are that you will engage in space battle to determine whose territory or resource line is more valuable. If you are playing against an alien race, you’ll want to learn how to best defend your own resources, as well as those of your fellow players.

If you love space combat or perhaps enjoy designing your own ships and bases, then the design phase of AD2460 can give you plenty of enjoyment. In this phase, you can experiment with different ship designs and lay the conceptual foundation for your homestead. You can build your ships out of a variety of blocks and also experiment with different hull configurations. The science deck can be used to research more deeply into the nature of your homestead and gain additional knowledge about life on your planet. You can even purchase new raw materials, which can help you build stronger units and vessels.

Building up your homestead and expanding your empire is only one of the many challenges you will face as you strive to achieve victory. If you want to build up your fleet, then the browser-based game allows you to attack other players and claim their homelands. You can also monitor the progress of your homeworld through the data logs that appear at the bottom of your screen.

However, before you can engage in any battle, you must first establish a sufficient military presence on your homeworld by purchasing the raw materials needed to build up your empire. Each stage of the gameplay involves upgrading your units, expanding your homestead, and developing new technologies. To successfully complete each step of gameplay, you must ensure that your browser-based game system meets the requirements of the specific browser.

To further demonstrate how robust the browser-based game engine is, it is possible to develop your own empire and engage in dynamic battles with fellow players. Once your empire has achieved a certain level of success, you can invite friends and fellow players to join your empire and participate in the dynamic gameplay. If you are playing with a friend or a stranger, both of you can seamlessly travel between your homelands using a warp system that seamlessly links your two worlds. This feature gives you a chance to experience the benefits of having multiple save files and to continue playing your previous saved games even after developing a new career path in the AD2460 system.

In addition, the browser-based Age of Empire features a free-to-play web browser game that plays a pivotal role in the expansion of your online empire. Players can use the browser to zoom through the outer space and engage in dogfights with enemy ships. They can also view the different star systems and take advantage of stellar navigation to maneuver their spaceships through unfamiliar systems. In this free-to-play web browser game, players can build up their space empire as they collect resources and fight against enemies in order to increase their capital.

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