Aetolia: The Midnight Age

Aetolia: The Midnight Age is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that lets you play the legendary vampire, vamp, werewolf or zombie slayer, or any other type of player you wish to be. Will you be the powerful vampire, wily old Warlock or sneaky Warlock? Will you be a powerful druid, loyal to the nature and fighting evil wherever you can find yourself? Will you be a powerful hunter, healer, mage or warrior?

In Aetolia: The Midnight Age you choose your character as you start in the game world of Vampireia and explore the island of Triton and prepare yourself from the threat of the Lich King. As a member of the Vestige, a special division of the guilds which safeguards against threats to The Vestige, you must learn to fight against darkness wherever you find yourself. Every member of the Vestige has specific roles, and you have to choose wisely whether you want to be a healer, mage, fighter or warrior, so that your character can fulfill their respective roles. For each class there are special quests and challenges to complete, as well as rare rewards and items.

As you play in the game, you will come across different islands with their own story line, though you aren’t allowed to go to every island, only certain ones. The maps are large, offering plenty of space for you to move around the island, and also a few hidden areas that you can explore. Your character starts as a weak, level 10 vampire, and by choosing which path you take to complete your quests and fulfill challenges you will alter your starting position and power. Each of the three character classes in Aetolia: The Midnight Age has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can become a fighter of great strength, a highly trained and intelligent mage, a master healer or a powerful warrior who is frightening to attack. If you want to become a powerful vampire, you just need to complete your quests and earn more experience than anyone else in the game!

Vampire gamers who really enjoy playing strong characters will enjoy playing the role of an evil character such as Vanhelson, a vampire lord who commands an army of undead. The graphics in the game look very real, and you will feel as though you are a part of the action using the same game mechanics as those in the game. You can become stronger by adding more points to your health bar, by increasing your defense or decreasing your stamina, and by using special moves like a leap or a counter. The graphics are fairly simplistic, but the sound effects are very intense. The vampire race in Aetolia: The Midnight Age looks terrifyingly realistic, with its glowing red eyes and fangs.

You can play with up to four players, although only one player is actually visible on your screen at any given time. If more players would be interested in this game, I think the game play would be much more dynamic and engrossing. Unfortunately, the game play is quite short, which could hinder the longevity of the game. There are only eleven levels in the game, which means you should make sure you can complete them all within a certain period of time in order to be rewarded with the rare item, the Vampira.

As the player you control your character’s actions with words, commands, and spells. For example, you can command your character to attack with a sword or to flee. Certain words will cause special effects, like turning a person into a vampire. During character creation, there are over forty different words which you can choose from to create your character. These words help make your character more powerful and more unique, and they help make your character more unique when you play other players in the game to see who is the strongest vampire. If you want to level up your character quickly, the game allows for multiplayer mode, where you can play the game with others to see who is the strongest character.

The game is very charming and brings back childhood memories. In fact, I remember playing this game as a child when I was very young and my sister would giggle and laugh as she played with me. Children often enjoy playing this type of game, which makes the developers at Crave Entertainment and Electronic Arts, the makers of Aetolia: The Midnight Age, very lucky. This type of game should not only be enjoyed by adults, but by children as well, since they will be able to learn a lot while playing the game.

In conclusion, Aetolia: The Midnight Age is an exciting vampire based video game that many people will enjoy. The graphics are excellent, the storyline is interesting, and the characters are very well written. Playing the game once will leave you wanting to play it again. If you are looking for a great game that will keep you up at night with excitement, then playing Aetolia: The Midnight Age, is a must have title. You can purchase the game on the internet through the official website or through a number of online retailers.

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