Adventure Quest 3D Review

Adventure Quest 3D: Gold Rush is an Early Access MMORPG currently in development. Developed by Cryptic Studios, the team responsible has been working on the game since early 2021. Their aim is to create an exciting and unique MMORPG with elements of adventure, mystery and hidden object puzzle solving. As of this writing, Adventure Quest 3D continues to be in pre-alpha testing. If you have any hopes of playing the game soon, then consider reading this Adventure Quest 3D: Gold Rush review to find out more about it.

Adventure Quest: 3D follows the same story as its predecessors. You start off as a simple adventurer seeking to find his destiny, and end up finding himself in a dark fantasy world where magic and strange artifacts reign supreme. You must use your knowledge, skills, and powers to combat the enemies, solve puzzles, and explore the surroundings in order to survive. In short, you just need to kill ’em all! The basic gameplay is turn-based, though certain quests can be triggered by environmental factors such as weather and fog.

Unlike other aq3d games, Adventure Quest 3D: Gold Rush features a lot of ‘rogue’ type quests, which are more annoying than anything else. Fortunately though, I did not have to go through these nasty experiences because there were several guides readily available online which told me how to complete the quests in a manner so I did not have to go through all that work. However, if you really want to enjoy the game, then you will just have to put up with the rogue quests. The guides did help me as I was able to complete quests without having to kill too many enemies and finish in less than a day.

There is also a bit of voice chat in the game. It is just like any other mmo game that has voice chat, however the difference is that it can be activated or deactivated as per your wishes. The only thing I would caution about is that sometimes it would send you into battle before your game has loaded completely and you had a fair idea on the situation. You could just undo whatever you did and start again but this added to my boredom.

When I started playing this game for the first time, I just assumed it would be a follow up to AQ2: The Tower of Eternity. Well, it is just like the first game but better. The maps are bigger, the graphics are clearer, and the game is more exciting to play. You have to grind to make money in the game and fight monsters to level up your character. Although, once you get past that, it gets pretty boring as you just grind for gold and do the same thing all over again.

Now, the story of this game is about a young boy who finds out that there exists an online game which he really enjoys playing called Adventure Quest 3D. It is a top down shooting game and you have to reload to continue. There is this one mini-games as well, where you have to survive enemies and shoot them to death. As you progress through the game, you will notice that you have more choices to make as well as new weapons and items to use. You will also have to earn credits by completing certain quests and go back to the hub where you pick up your weapons as well as new armor. It is really amazing how the whole experience of playing this online game feels like an interactive real life game.

The downside of Adventure Quest 3D is that it has very few players around which makes the game a bit boring and tedious at times. Another thing that I thought was good was the fact that the game costs nothing to play and you can get gold and other stuff through the in-game shops. However, there is another downside to this as well. In the game, you get items which are actually imitation items from the virtual stores, which are being sold at a high price. That is why I felt it was unfair for the developers to charge so much for the game, especially since there are so many people that play the game as well.

Despite these negative aspects of this game, it is still worth giving a shot if you are a mmo fan and not allowed to try mmorpgs on the internet. Adventure Quest 3D has a good story as well as a lot of fun to play. The game has good graphics and music. Overall, it is just another online game that you can play to relax and have a good time.

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